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Bledsoe 13

When Mr. Jody Bledsoe approached us for a website redesign, it became apparent that he faced challenges akin to many other clients. His prior website was outdated and characterized by a considerable absence of features and functionality. Additionally, the previous design was unresponsive, causing difficulties when viewing it on devices other than computers. With these factors in mind, the primary objectives for the redesign were to augment the website’s functionality and user-friendliness, while implementing a responsive design. This approach was devised to address the shortcomings of the earlier version, and to ensure an enhanced user experience across various devices.

Cary Alarm Co., Inc.

When Cary Alarm approached us for website design services, they did not have an existing online presence. They recognized the importance of a website as an effective means for potential customers to discover their business. As a result, we eagerly embarked on the project, focusing on the development of a sleek, professional-looking website equipped with essential features to meet their objectives.

Cary Sign Company

When Jeri contacted us for her website redesign, she faced challenges similar to many other clients, with her existing website being outdated and lacking pertinent information. Understanding the necessary improvements, our goal was to enhance the website’s functionality and features while emphasizing a user-friendly and responsive design. Additionally, we aimed to prominently present important, relevant information for effortless access by users.

Evolve Properties

Evolve Properties serves as a prototype for a real estate property listing website, demonstrating the potential for a comprehensive, feature-rich platform tailored to the needs of a real estate company. The primary objective of this design was to exhibit the functionality and capacity to establish a sortable listing site, encompassing all necessary elements for successfully marketing properties to potential buyers.

Hillsborough St Tattoo

I was pleased to have the opportunity to assist Rikki in developing a website for her tattoo and piercing studio. As she did not have an existing website and was uncertain about its content, I began by identifying crucial features: portfolios showcasing artwork and piercings; care tips to ensure the optimal appearance of new ink and minimize infection risks post-tattoo or piercing; and a booking request form for easy tattoo inquiries. With these three elements as the foundation, I crafted a design that precisely aligned with Rikki’s vision.

Silicon Valley Investors Club

Jordan approached us to revamp his website, as it was not aligned with his original vision. At Evolve Services, our commitment is to deliver designs that are polished, professional, and aesthetically appealing. With the Silicon Valley Investors Club project, our objective was to create an immaculate user interface, incorporate the ideal balance of colors, and establish a professional ambiance that not only meets the business requirements but also resonates with the target audience.

The NACTT Academy

Upon engaging with the NACTT Academy for their website redesign, it became evident that they faced challenges similar to many other clients. Their existing website was antiquated, suffering from a notable lack of features and functionality. Moreover, the previous design was unresponsive, making it difficult to view on devices other than computers. Bearing these considerations in mind, the primary objectives for the redesign were to enhance the website’s functionality and user-friendliness, while incorporating a responsive design. This approach aimed to address the deficiencies of the prior version and ensure a superior user experience on a variety of devices.

Your HVAC Amigo

Upon partnering with Your HVAC Amigo for their website creation, it was clear they wanted to preemptively address issues that many businesses face. They were in need of a website that would be packed with modern features and efficient functionality tailored for HVAC services and repairs. From the outset, it was understood that the design should be responsive, ensuring ease of access for users on mobile devices and tablets. With these factors as guiding principles, the primary goals for the new design were to incorporate top-notch functionality specific to HVAC services, enhance user-friendliness, and prioritize a responsive layout. This approach was chosen to ensure the site would stand out from its inception and guarantee an exceptional user experience across a spectrum of devices.